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Luggage Handling Trolleys & Carts

e-Everest Luggage Handling Trolley

e-Everest Luggage Handling Trolley

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12610100, 48kg, Finishes: Anodised aluminium, Gold anodised aluminium, Bright gold anodised, Anodised aluminium chrome look, Anodised aluminium bronze look, with choice of blue, red, black or brown carpet.


  • Useful width 900mm
  • Large integrated clothes hanger
  • Base with carpet (different colours)
  • Non-marking wrap-around flexible bumper
  • 4 swivelling wheels Ø 200mm with non-marking rubber layer
  • Progressive and silent acceleration
  • Great manoeuvrability
  • Pivots on the spot
  • Lateral retaining bars

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Brand image
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