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Celebrate Earth Day and Embrace Environmentally Sustainable Luxuries

For over 25 years, Swisstrade has been the leader in environmentally sustainable luxuries, offering a comprehensive range of eco-friendly bathroom amenities, with the primary objective of reducing cost, eliminating single-use plastic, and delivering a memorable guest experience.

Today, we’re celebrating Earth Day by reflecting on our journey which began in 1997 with the pivotal launch of the first hotel-specific, factory-sealed, and recyclable amenity dispenser solution. In 2000, this innovation notably became the environmentally sustainable amenity for the 'Green Olympics'. Fast forward to now, Swisstrade offers the most extensive range of superior guest room supplies in Australia, with expansions spanning across Oceania. Throughout, dispensers have remained at the heart of our environmental mission for the hotel industry.

Partnered exclusively with European brand ADA Cosmetics, Swisstrade continues to be at the forefront of innovation to provide dispenser systems that are factory-sealed, 100% recyclable, tamper and pilfer-proof, easy to clean, and quick to replace. Learn more about our three revolutionary generations of dispensers — Press + Wash, SmartCare, and SHAPE — to suit your hotel's requirements.

Discover Three Generations of Innovation

Press + Wash

Press + Wash changed the hotel amenities industry forever when it was chosen as the amenity for the Sydney ‘Green Olympics’ in 2000. Its popularity endures with our clients and their guests today. This classic solution is as efficient as it is effortless to use, and features patented valve technology for clean dosing.

100% recyclable with a mono-material design made from recycled PET, the drip-free flacon can be emptied up to 100% for significant liquid waste savings when compared with the use of small portions.  


SmartCare has been imitated but never bettered. Its patented membrane technology with a safe-lock seal guarantees perfect hygiene with no dripping, no back contamination, and no wear-out effect. Choose from a wide range of high-quality brands to match your property style.

100% recyclable with advanced mono-material execution, enabling hoteliers to generate up to 75% material savings and up to 50% of liquid savings, compared to the use of small portions.


SHAPE is the newest evolution in dispenser solutions with a game-changing hygienic pump that prevents back contamination, is engineered for precise, effortless dispensing, and can be operated with the touch of a finger. Easy, efficient and eco-friendly, the invisible bracket system is easy to install and enables quick and easy bottle exchange.

The clean and efficient design further minimises the required housekeeping, while also offering material savings of 67% and liquid savings of 50% when compared to single-use plastic toiletry bottles.


Together, We Can Change Tomorrow's World... Today! 

With growing demand from guests for an enhanced eco-friendly experience, and single-use plastics bans on the horizon, there’s never been a better time to review your own environmental impact.

Together, we can protect our planet in the present to make a difference for the future. Contact our team of experts at Swisstrade to support your green initiatives and find new ways to make your property more eco-friendly.

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