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Press + Wash Dispenser

Press & Wash leading, environmentally friendly, attractively designed amenity dispenser systems for your hotel.

Explore Swisstrade’s wide range of high-quality Press & Wash brands to suit any style of hotel. Press & Wash offers the ultimate in hygiene for guest satisfaction and provides benefits to your operation through cost-savings and waste reduction. 

Benefits for hotels using Press + Wash

- Made from non-toxic, recycled or recyclable plastic
- Significant cost and time saving
- Elimination of waste and plastic
- Theft and tamper-proof
- Ultimate hygiene
- Wide range of brands
- Premium formulations

    Swisstrade brands available:

    Responsible Living
    Bio Naturals
    Wellness for Body & Mind
    Hydro Basics, Pure Herbs, Aqua Fresh
    Luxury Brands

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