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Housekeeping Minibar Restocking Trolleys & Carts

Minibar Restocking Carts by Ascolia are designed to be fast and efficient

Ascolia’s minibar restocking carts have been offer the ultimate in functionality, hygiene and easy maintenance which are essential for food and drink distribution. Lightness, manoeuvrability and ergonomics contribute to the well-being of the user and the the aesthetics will delight the guests.

There are 4 different styles within the Minibar Restocking range with various sizes from 460 mm to 1010 wide.

The Baton and Lugano carts offer motorization to wheel the trolley for you! The ergonomic controller provides progressive and silent acceleration and pivots on the spot!

Explore our wide range of Ascolia Housekeeping trolleys and carts available in Australia through Swisstrade.

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