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Pure White Accessories

Swisstrade Hotel Bathroom Biodegradable Pure White Accessories

Pure White Bathroom Accessories: Thoughtful Touches That Don’t Cost The Earth

Introducing Pure White - a biodegradable range of hotel accessories, stylishly packaged to complement your guest rooms and elevate every stay. From chic, bamboo hair dryer bags to everyday comforts such as vanity sets and shaving kits, each product is thoughtfully designed to offer environmentally friendly luxury.

Satisfy your guests’ basic needs with a range of biodegradable everyday accessories, thoughtfully designed and packaged in FSC Certified kraft paper to seamlessly blend with any bathroom décor whilst reducing plastic waste and your hotel’s impact on the environment.

Key features:

  • Biodegradable accessories and bamboo bags
  • Packaging is FSC Certified and recyclable
  • Sleek, white design to complement your hotel interiors
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