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Sorbent Professional, Livi & Handee Paper Products

A Touch of Home Comfort

Explore our range of premium toilet paper, hand towels, and tissues. Provide the perfect blend of home-like comfort and high-quality essentials for your guests, whether you seek luxurious softness, durability, or eco-friendly options. 

A successful hotel stay requires attention to detail; no consideration is too big or too small. Upgrade your paper essentials today and enhance your hotel experience with a touch of home comfort.

Environmental Responsibility:
  • Certified Sustainability: Fibre certified by the world's largest forest certification program.
  • Transparent Supply Chain: Traced from plantation to product.
  • Verified and Audited: Annually audited by SGS Australia.
  • Renewable Resources: Fast-growing eucalyptus and acacia trees produce more paper with less environmental impact.


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