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Dorsett's Gold Standard

Featured in the HM Magazine February 2022 issue.

HM Magazine February Feature - Dorsett Gold Coast

Dorsett Gold Coast General Manager, Michael Foster, discusses the recent launch of the Dorsett brand on the coast, and how a partnership with Swisstrade is improving the guest experience.

Dorsett Gold Coast is a shining example of modern Gold Coast tourism and excellence. How does it feel to be open and offering the Dorsett brand of hospitality on the Glitter Strip? 
We are thrilled to be finally open and to welcome guests to our brand-new hotel in Broadbeach, which is located only a stone's throw from Gold Coast’s beautiful beaches, shopping and dining. It has been years in the making, and the team's tireless efforts are finally paying off. The Gold Coast has lacked a new upscale hotel product recently, so Dorsett Hospitality launched its Dorsett brand on the coast, where holidaymakers have grown to enjoy our destination in large numbers. As we look forward to a fantastic year in 2022, we are excited to showcase our shining new product and authentic hospitality to the Australian market, and now to the international market as well.

The hotel features some amazing amenities, particularly the pioneering Smart Care Dispensers in the globally leading skincare brand Elemis from Swisstrade in your guest rooms. How do you see the synergy between Dorsett, Swisstrade and Smart Care in terms of improving the guest experience? 
Swisstrade has been an extremely reliable partner in the lead up to the opening of the hotel in supplying us with the majority of our guest room products, including bespoke accessories. Peter and his team lit up when I told them I wanted an environmentally-friendly and sustainable guest amenity option, knowing that Smart Care was the answer. Using Smart Care allows us to reduce our impact on the environment and provide a safe and hygienic environment for our guests. The fact that we were the first upscale hotel in the country to adopt the Elemis brand in this technology is a great bonus, which fits with Dorsett Hospitality International’s enthusiasm to continue to use the latest technology and systems in their hotels. It will be our pleasure to work closely with Swisstrade as we expand the brand in Australia, opening hotels in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth in the coming years, and incorporating the Smart Care system into our properties.

What are your impressions of the Elemis brand and how is this being received by guests at Dorsett Gold Coast? 
The products from Elemis are great! It has a wonderful scent and leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. For me personally, it is the way that Elemis goes about sourcing natural products to develop its range that leaves the greatest impression. Their focus on sustainability and environment is aligned with those of Dorsett, which makes it a great partnership. Our guest feedback has been extremely positive about the Elemis range that we offer at Dorsett Gold Coast. Incorporating a globally leading skincare brand in the hotel has elevated a level of comfort to our guests during their stay.

What feedback have you had so far from your housekeeping teams on Smart Care’s ease of use and replacement? 
A bulk amenity system that is so easy to use is a huge asset to the housekeeping team. The Smart Care system simplifies and speeds up the process of changing bottles, unlike other brands and systems that require fiddly screws and tools to change. We have already seen increases in efficiency due to ease of the systems operation. The bottles themselves are streamlined by design, which is making storage much easier and allowing more shelf space for other products. 

How does the Smart Care system fit with Dorsett’s environmental and sustainability agenda?
While we move forward from the recent pandemic, Dorsett is committed to providing a safe and hygienic experience for all of our guests. In addition, Smart Care not only demonstrates our commitment to guest safety, it also proves our environmental commitment to eradicate as much single-use plastic out of our hotel operation as we possibly can.

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