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Improving Hygiene & Sustainability with the Smart Care System

Since the breakthrough of Swisstrade’s first-generations amenity dispensing system “Press + Wash” during the Sydney ‘Green’ Olympics in 2000, the world has come full circle to embrace our next generations of environmentally sustainable dispenser solutions.

Little did we know we’d come this far in such a short time.

Already widely implemented the world over, our new and sleek Smart Care System is now rolling out across the Australia and New Zealand region with great acceptance from both operators and guests alike.

Thanks to its patented technology, the factory sealed system dispenses liquid formulations economically, allowing the hotelier to offer a more premium personal care experience, without blowing out costs.

Weighing in at only 33 grams – the equivalent of only 4 tubes of regular toiletries – the Smart Care dispensers have an extremely low packaging density, reducing the volume of waste to the absolute minimum. What is more, contrary to pump dispensers, Smart Care dispensers are made of one single type of plastic, making them 100% recyclable.

Safe from any cross-contamination or bacteria build-up, Smart Care is a risk-free solution for every conscious hotelier with staff and guest’s safety in mind. What is more, all these advantages come at a very affordable price point and deliver many more benefits, both economically as well as operationally.

“Since the implementation of Smart Care Amenity Dispensers, we’ve decluttered our vanity spaces from single-use toiletries and saved time preparing the bathrooms for check-ins. Aside from the more sustainable aspects of the system, guests have been enjoying the premium formulations we offer in a sleek dispenser. We are ordering stock less often, needing less storage and have reduced the amount of plastic waste from guest rooms.”
– Carina Winter,
Alpha Mosaic Hotel Brisbane

Other benefits include:

  • Significant cost reduction as a result of low labour associated with replenishing of toiletries
  • Dispenser lifespan of 3 to 10 weeks thanks to measured dosage of liquids
  • Sealed (non-refillable) dispenser ensures zero risk of bacterial contamination
  • Tamper and pilfer proof wall brackets prevent any loss or interfering with product
  • Environmental leadership reflects positively on the image and dedication of the property

Smart Care dispensers are available in a wide range of brands, designs and colours to meet the diverse interior of bathrooms across every property.

The product range is broad enough to meet every operators’ expectations and budget. Whether an all-in-one formulation or an extensive personal care range from shampoo and conditioner to body wash and lotion – the choices are in abundance. Plus, formulations are all-natural and leave no soap scum in showers.

Contact us today for an introduction to our complete family of dispenser products. And if you are keen, we offer free in-room trials so you can convince yourself of the benefits of Smart Care or Press + Wash.

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