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New to Australia! Ascolia’s lightest, most stylish Housekeeping Trolley

Swisstrade is delighted to announce its partnership with Ascolia to bring the lightest, most user-friendly and efficient housekeeping trolley to Australia for the very first time.

Ascolia’s stunning range of ergonomic housekeeping trolleys combine ease of use, functionality and aesthetics. Designed to be discrete, tidy and efficient, Ascolia housekeeping trolleys are made from durable, light-weight aluminium for manoeuvrability with 5 different sizes, from 520 mm – 1200 mm, each offering multiple storage options.

They provide a choice of quality finishes to match the style of any property, and with options for motorization on various models, Ascolia has truly taken mobile housekeeping to a whole new level.

The full range of Ascolia's trolleys including housekeeping trolleys, specialty service trolleys, linen trolleys, minibar, room service and valet, are available through Swisstrade as the distributor for Australia. Contact us today on 02 9979 5000 or enquire now.  

Housekeeping Trolleys

Swisstrade is delighted to now offer Ascolia housekeeping trolleys that your hotel will be proud of. By listening to it’s the housekeeping teams that use trolleys, Ascolia has developed a functional, easy to handle and ergonomic range made from light-weight aluminium materials.

Take a look at the popular Atlas range below;


  • 4 widths; 520, 650, 800, 1000, 1200mm (capacity of 4 to 10 rooms)
  • Modularity and design
  • Many options according to your needs

     Standard equipment:

    • Frame in anodised aluminium, light, sturdy and manoeuvrable
    • Different finishes available
    • 3 levels for storing clean linen
    • Large compartment for amenities
    • Wheels adapted in function of floor and use
    • Optimised protection of your walls

    Explore a wide range of luxury and other Ascolia housekeeping trolleys available in Australian through Swisstrade. Visit the website to view the full range of housekeeping trolleys.

    Minibar Restocking Trolleys

    Impressive in style, hygienic, easy to clean and ergonomic, Swisstrade has confidence the Australian hotel sector will welcome Ascolia’s minibar restocking trolleys – designed to make re-stocking fast and efficient.


    Standard Equipment

    • Frame in anodised aluminium, light and sturdy
    • Different finishes available
    • Compartment with lid for various products
    • 3 drawers mounted on telescopic rails
    • Closure by doors with opening up to 270°
    • Wheels adapted to floors and use
    • Swivelling corner pads for protection

    A wide range of other Ascolia specialty, luxury, luggage and room service trolleys are available through Swisstrade. Visit the full range at

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