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Reaching local leadership in Swiss-style

As featured in The Executive Housekeeper, October 2019. 


The industry trailblazer raising the bar

When one thinks of Switzerland, fine chocolate and tennis-great Roger Federer often come to mind. But the Alpine state is also known for its world leading hospitality. Characterised by quality, precision, reliability, dependability and honesty, Switzerland’s hard earned reputation as an industry leader stands out around the world. ‘The Swiss way’ is something Australian hospitality is embracing through brand representative Swisstrade.

“We are globally connected, and locally focussed,” says Swisstrade Director Peter Weingartner – a Swiss national and longstanding hotelier in his own right. “We take great pride in bringing hotel brand standards from around the world to Australia and making these locally available.”

Swisstrade is the leading guest room specialist and offers everything a traveller interacts with. From the reliable safe to the stylish minibar, the high-quality kettle to the iron and hairdryer that defy expectations - Swisstrade understands how guest touchpoints influence the overall in-room experience. Not only that, Swisstrade also works with its suppliers and factories exclusively, offering truly unique products and brand experiences to its client base.

Pioneer of Quality and Sustainability

When Swisstrade began operating in 1997, the Australian market was a very different place. Restricted by its geographical isolation and relatively small hotel market, there was far less access to products of an international standard. This is where Swisstrade seized the opportunity to help, by offering affordable, high quality solutions, which were built to last.

Today, in its 22nd year of operation, Swisstrade also leads the pack in environmentally sustainable amenity solutions. From the launch of the revolutionary Press & Wash Dispenser System in its early days, Swisstrade doubled down on its green philosophy when supplying the Sydney ‘Green Olympics’ in 2000.

“Eliminating single-use plastic and lowering packaging density are key to reducing the amount of waste sent to land-fill each year”, Mr Weingartner says. “Swisstrade’s toiletries dispensing systems for example, aim to eliminate up to 70 per cent of plastic while at the same time providing a more premium guest experience.

As the global hotel industry takes a hard look at its waste reduction opportunities, the market is taking more note of Swisstrade’s leading products than ever before. Swisstrade’s longstanding emphasis on the environment sees it perfectly positioned, as travellers and hotels become more concerned with water and plastic consumption.

At the forefront of most recent developments, is Swisstrade’s all-new Smart Care System, arguably the sleekest, most contemporary toiletries dispensing system used in hotel bathrooms today, with the primary objective of offering an eco-friendly alternative to single use amenities in miniature bottles and tubes.

In an area where many amenities are still packaged in virgin plastic, Swisstrade uses recycled and recyclable material in its toiletries and dispensers. The factory-sealed Smart Care Dispenser System contains exceptional European-made fragrances and biodegradable formulations that are kind to Mother nature.

Developed using strict sustainability criteria, these have earned the product Ecolabel and Nordic Swan certification.

Today, Swisstrade offers a healthy balance of portion amenities and environmentally sustainable toiletry dispensers to meet the broad range of requirements by luxury hotels, country lodges and boutique lifestyle properties alike.

Operator empathy and partnership approach

Passion for the product is a major point of difference at Swisstrade and the combined knowledge and experience of the team is exceptional. Director Peter Weingartner says: “What sets us apart at Swisstrade is, we have each stakeholders interest at heart - operational empathy for the housekeeper’s task at hand, the marketing and revenue goals of the management team and the return-on-investment objectives of the investor and owner. We understand what a hotel/motel owner is looking for and how we can help to exceed guest expectations.”

Swisstrade enjoys customer relationships that span the entire accommodation sector, from affordable motel and boutique properties, to medium and largescale projects. With every different style of property, they work alongside operators to be the best in their category and to increase guest wellness in a highly competitive market.


Long-standing commitment to value and quality

Swisstrade’s broad appeal naturally translates into solid success, as the business remains at the forefront of modern hospitality in the ANZ region. From pioneering its environmentally conscious products, to supporting the current influx in hotel construction and renovation, Swisstrade has its finger on the pulse - offering quality, contemporary products at affordable prices. The dedication to cost efficiency means the best value is passed on to clients. Swisstrade’s one-source product solution covers the broad spectrum of your guest room requirements:


In short, Swisstrade can facilitate an entire fit-out of your guest rooms and offer their many years of expertise at the same time.

Why not try the Swisstrade advantage by contacting the team on 02 9979 1500, or by emailing to learn how Swisstrade can be of value to you.

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