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The new standard in hotel guest expectations post-COVID

The consumer has been on a rollercoaster in the last year with COVID-19 affecting all our lives; from adapting to a new way of carrying out daily activities to how we plan holidays and other experiences.

The tourism and hotel industry has been affected like no other, from CBD hotels taking big hits on occupancy, to regional motels experiencing record demand due to domestic tourism. However, one thing all retailers, service providers and hotel operators have in common is the new standard of operating in a world recovering from COVID.

Consumers and your hotel guests now have expectations of what a COVID safe environment looks and feels like. They are taking note of the hygiene practices and measures you have in place to create a secure and clean hotel experience and expect a range of amenities to be available when they stay.

Hygienic hotel bathroom amenities

Bathroom amenities are a good place to start. Why not implement a factory-sealed dispensing system, showing your care and pay attention to guest and staff safety?
  • Improve sustainability and demonstrate environmental leadership
  • Increase housekeeping efficiency and reduce labour cost
  • Eliminate waste and reduce storage space and goods handling
  • Meet the needs of a changing landscape in accommodation and remain competitive
When hygiene becomes a primary factor, sealed dispensers stand out as the preferred solution for operators, as they tick the boxes of eco-friendly hotel amenities and a COVID safe amenities offering in the guest room and public spaces.

Smart Care and Press + Wash dispensers are tamper proof and offer the ultimate hygiene as they are factory filled and sealed, therefore offering a risk-free yet stylish and sustainable solution for every conscious hotelier with staff and guest’s safety in mind.

Air purifiers

Clean air is something we take for granted in Australia – until now. With intermittent lockdowns and continuous talk of airborne COVID-19 particles, consumers may feel like they need to hold their breath at times or jump at the sound of a cough. Offering your guests purified air will allow them to breathe easy and feel at ease in your public spaces and guest rooms.

The technology that Dyson air purifiers offers is second to none. The latest Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde TP09 air purifier has been designed for commercial environments. It captures and destroys formaldehyde, as well as ultra-fine dust particles, bacteria and viruses – making it the perfect solution for hotels.

The Dyson Pure range is ideal for hotel rooms as it captures gases and ultra-fine particles and then projects purified air throughout the room.

By adding the above amenities, you can be assured that your guests will feel more comfortable and secure when they stay. Contact us today for more information or to discuss your property requirements.
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