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Fair CosmEthics


Fair CosmEthics - the ethical choice in body care

Fair CosmEthics is a socially responsible guest amenities collection that bears the Fairtrade seal, symbolic of ethical actions, sustainability and transparency. The formulation exudes a fresh and fruity scent with playful, floral notes that awaken the senses, and warm, woody aromas.

Fair CosmEthics is ideal for hotels that want to offer amenities to guests who believe in responsible living. 

Fairtrade certified ingredients include:

  • Brazil Nut oil - known for its moisturizing benefits
  • Olive oil - rich in vitamin E and other antioxidants
  • Cane sugar - said to have skin-conditioning effects

Fair CosmEthics is available in the latest innovation in dispensers - SHAPE, the Sustainable Hygienic Aesthetic Pump Evolution. Contact us today for a FREE consultation. 

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