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Small Changes, Big Impact: Make The Switch To Eco-Friendly Hotel Essentials

Simple yet thoughtful touches are key to executing an in-room experience that encapsulates the comforts and convenience of home, whilst on the road. Previously, many of the smaller hotel room amenities, particularly bathroom accessories, needed to be disposed of after each stay, contributing to the significant amount of waste a hotel produces each year.

According to the 2023 Sustainable Travel Report by, which surveyed over 30,000 people, the vast majority of those who travel (76%) are looking to do so in a more sustainable manner.

Rethinking and switching some of these items to a more eco-friendly option can improve guest satisfaction and the bottom line while reducing environmental impact.

Explore some eco-friendly alternatives to common in-room amenities below including Pure White Bathroom Accessories, Planet Positive Bathroom Accessories, Seedling Sole Slippers and Sandals and the latest collection of Wooden Coat Hangers. Complement your essentials with hotel bathroom single portion of pump dispenser amenities such as Eloura or the 100% recyclable range of sealed dispensers from Smart Care

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