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The Perfumer's Garden


The Perfumer's Garden - an undeniably unforgettable botanical experience 

Enhance your guests' stay with the botanically inspired and curated scents of The Perfumer's Garden.

Infused with precious perfume oils inspired by perfumery trends from around the world, the range of hotel bathroom amenities offers a refined and elegant body care experience. The signature scent "Green Tea & Ginger" is a refreshing and revitalising option that can be enjoyed all year round.

Key features:

  • High-quality perfume oils composed by renowned perfumers
  • Distinctive design that seamlessly blends with any bathroom interior
  • Eco-friendly packaging made of recyclable materials 


Discover the art of fine fragrances with The Perfumer's Garden, available in the latest innovation in dispensers - SHAPE, the Sustainable Hygienic Aesthetic Pump Evolution. 

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