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Eco-friendly Toiletries and Dispensers

"To further support the trend towards ecological dispensing of toiletries, we are today able to offer hoteliers a whole array of sophisticated dispensing systems and designs to suit each property’s style and preferences”
- Peter Weingartner, Principal


Swisstrade has been a leader in environmental hotel toiletries brands and products for in excess of 20 years and is the foremost expert in sustainable amenity dispenser solutions, with an extensive portfolio of eco-friendly and sustainable product lines which have been developed using strict sustainability criteria, such as:

  • EU Ecolabel & Nordic SWAN certified
  • Renewable ingredients and plant-based raw materials
  • Liquids with over 97% biodegradable ingredients
  • Use of recycled and recyclable materials in packaging
  • Extracts from controlled organic cultivation
  • Natural, plant-based ingredients
  • Dispensers made from 100% PCR materials
  • Fully recyclable bottles and tubes

Swisstrade and its supply partners take their environmental and social engagement very seriously and are constantly striving to improve their contribution to a more resource-conscious world. All our business activities along the path of value creation for personal care products take health and environmental concerns into consideration. Several projects with focus on environmental sustainability ensure constant improvement of our ecological footprint and our direction towards an even more sustainable product portfolio.

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