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Chino House Towels

Chino House is proud to be a preferred supplier to many Australian Hotels, Motels, Laundries and Aged Care facilities. Come see the range of high quality, luxurious and affordable towels we have on offer.


The Citi towel is an Ultra premium grade range of 575m² plain toweling with no headers. It one of our on-going running items they are made from ultra premium grade AAA1/21S cotton, all corners on Cititowel are “bartacked” to help extend the life even further. You can expect up to 250 commercial washes from this product.

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Celebrity is the same as Citi Towel but with headers on all items. The weight is 575m² made from ultra premium grade AAA1/21S cotton.

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The Euro Deluxe Collection is 580m² combed cotton long loops with the “multiple flat headers” pattern

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International Home Living Collection is 525m² and made from ultra premium grade AAA1/21S cotton. It is our most popular toweling product range. As with all of our premium toweling brands you can expect up to 200 commercial washes. It is available in plain and / or with herringbone / tree-fern/ chevron headers, that match both our 465m² Federation and 445m² Black Label products.

Available with or with out headers.

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Purple Label range is all 465m² plain products (no headers). Made from the same ultra premium grade AAA1/21S cotton as out heavier towels. You can easily use this 465m² range in the smaller hand towels and face washers with the heavier 525m² plain Home Living or 575m² Cititowel bath sheets or towel sizes to save money and your guests will not notice a thing.

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The Federation range is a great range of towels made from ultra premium grade AAA1/21S cotton, it is exactly the same as our Purple Label but with herringbone/treefern/chevron headers on all items.

465m² with the same tree-fern header as heavier “Home Living” and our cheaper, budget “Black Label” for easy mixing.

View the Federation collection


The Black Label range is an “Express” collection of 445m² towels, Black Label is available with and with out headers, the same headers that have on both our Federation and our International Home Living Collection. Many of our most expensive customers are buying our premium towels and mixing them in the suite with the lesser cost and weight hand towels and face washers from Black Label.

Black Label Face Washers also made a lovely quality Refresher Towel.

View the Black Label collection


Chino House offer an exceptional range of Pool Towels and styling options. In fact you can take any towel from any of our categories and add stripes, or add one single stripe, or add colours, or add Jacquard Logo’s or Jacquard motif or pattern and create your own very unique Pool Towel

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